Tony Patterson   September 9- 30



Commercial photographer that now focuses on the following: humanitarian, documentary, fine art and anything that seizes your heart. Images should provoke emotion…they should demonstrate a certain mood and touch the viewer in a way that makes them pause. Images should inspire life…make you think…and make you love. Currently produce commercial work for hire and personal work for life itself. Worked in Nashville for a period of time in a large studio. Degree in commercial photography. Graduate of school of hard knocks. Owner of Boiler Room Imagewerks located in the historic Coca Cola bottling plant in Tullahoma, TN. An artist within that died for a period of time, surrendering everything for others. It’s time for me to live again. Finding myself at a transition point, soon to leave digital and return to large format photography, including wet plate work. Love of all things film photography 🙂


Arnold Newman, Eugene Richards, John Guider and others. Also inspiring is the telling of another’s story of overcoming adversity and living to see another day.