“Artist Agreement”

Member Artist Agreement
Tullahoma Fine Arts Center



Name (The Artist)________________________________________________
Email address___________________________________________________


Tullahoma Fine Arts Center (TFAC)
401 South Jackson Street, Tullahoma TN 37388

Terms & Condition

Upon request, The Artist will provide TFAC work samples for examination by the Standards Jury Committee. Submitted works will be juried on quality, creativity, originality of idea, design and execution. TFAC’s Standards Jury Committee reserves the right of final selection or rejection on pieces for sale or display by all participating artists. All artwork sold or displayed must have been created by the contracted Artist. TFAC has the right to approve or reject any artwork for sale or display, with or without cause, at any time. If artwork is rejected, the contracted artist will be notified in writing and will be expected to remove the rejected artwork within 7 days.  The Standards Jury meets once a month at its discretion.

TFAC may, at its discretion, market artwork produced and/or created by The Artist. The Artist agrees that photographs taken at TFAC may be used in print and electronically to promote the Tullahoma Fine Arts Center. Pictures may be used by TFAC for the purpose of promoting and/or encouraging the public to visit and/or of encouraging sales.

Any promotional expenses incurred by The Artist or any representative of The Artist, without prior, written, mutual arrangement with TFAC, including but not limited to paid advertising, mailings, etc. will be paid 100% by the artist.

The Artist will supply a bio/resume/statement of 100 words or less to be used for promotional materials which may be edited for space and content by TFAC staff.

To sell items at TFAC, The Artist must supply TFAC an inventory list and item prices, and all work must be permanently tagged with an asking price and signed. TFAC is not responsible for items not tagged clearly with pricing and/or unsigned.

Items will be entered into inventory immediately upon delivery to TFAC. All inventoried items must be processed through TFAC’s inventory and/or sales system before the works leave the building. Sales will be recorded with a sales receipt, and in bookkeeping software.

No individual sales or trades on inventoried items are allowed, though prices may be negotiated with written notice, upon execution of the sale, to the Executive Director. An artist may remove items from inventory with a one-week (7 day), written notice. Removal of an item from the facility without a one-week (7 day), written notice will result in the assessment of a fee equal to the amount of the commission for each item removed.

Items removed from the facility short-term which are being returned to the facility must still be removed from inventory through this process, and returned to inventory through this process, with appropriate notice.

Member artists will be paid a 70/30 commission split when their inventoried items sell. If The Artist volunteers at least 8 hours per month (during regular business hours, with the exception of keyholders), the commission split will be 80/20. Volunteer hours will only be counted if the Volunteer records them in the Volunteer Hours Log in the Volunteer Room. Closing on the last, regular TFAC business day of the month is the drop-dead date for Recording monthly hours. Volunteer hours will be reset at opening on the first, regular TFAC business day of the month.

Wile we encourage all Artists to become members before displaying at TFAC, under certain conditions, artists who are non-members may display their items for sale at TFAC for a 50/50 commission split.  Non-member artist pieces must be for sale. To simply display at TFAC, all Artists must be members. The Artist will pay TFAC commission on any referrals, sales or trades with clients if artist/client contact was generated through TFAC.

TFAC will be responsible for all bookkeeping. Artist have the right to inspect these records during normal business hours with a one-week (7 day) written notice. All payments to the artist will be made at the end of each month for sales processed during that month.

TFAC takes great efforts to protect its inventory, including providing facility security; however, neither. TFAC nor its employees, volunteers or Board shall be held liable for theft or damage to inventory or display systems or promotional materials. TFAC recommends The Artist obtain personal, private insurance policies for personal protection as well as for protection of personal items.

TFAC has the right to require that Artists periodically change their work.

All displays, furniture, racks, shelving and promotional materials produced out of house are subject to TFAC approval.

Member Artists may rent the facility for private showings of their non-inventoried works pursuant to the Facility Rental policy.  Non-inventoried items sold during a rental are not subject to commission.

This agreement may be terminated by either party giving the other party 30-day, written notice. After the termination date, The Artist has 30 days to remove artwork from TFAC. After 30 days, TFAC reserves the right to charge fair market-rate storage fees for items left at TFAC, up to 5$ a day for each item.

In witness whereof, each party to this agreement has caused it to be executed at TFAC on the date indicated above.

____________________________________Artist      ________________Date
____________________________________TFAC      ________________Date


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